Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Natural Gas - Discussion on the Biggest Stimulus Idea

Matt Nolan (Lyndon Institute) wrote on September 16, 2009 at 1:30pm

But natural gas isn't the best solution. To solve this climate problem we need to radically change the way we use energy and just moving to something that still pollutes isn't good enough. We need zero emissions, natural gas still pollutes carbon dioxide only 30% less than oil and 45% less than coal. So, natural gas is a small step but we need to take even bigger steps. Also, once we do make the switch to natural gas everybody will think its fine cause they've switched to an alternative energy source, but its not fine.

Marvin Pirila wrote on September 16, 2009 at 5:58pm

Very true, it is only viable during the interim to reduce our dependence on foreign states that include rogue states like Iran and Venezuala. Ultimately, one has to believe that electric cars, once batteries are developed to last longer, will be the solution. Until that time, natural gas will buy us that time to develop these cars. Keep in mind though, that natural gas can be naturally produced, eliminating emissions.

Glen Sorensen wrote on December 7, 2009 at 1:43pm

Did you know that performance buffs are switching to Nat Gas for their high performance turbo powered sports cars because it produces equivalent power of 130 octane, compared to that 89 you are driving?

Did you know that skinflints and cheapskates are converting to Nat Gas because it costs HALF as much, plus you get TAX CREDITS for the fuel, the conversion costs, and your nat gas compressor( if you have nat gas in your house, a special compressor can refill your car overnight).

Did you know that Diesel rigs can be fed nat gas? Most rigs today have turbocharged. If you bleed some natural gas into the compressor, you offset the huge costs of diesel fuel. Depending on make and model, you can run your diesel on 10 - 90% methane. There is one other interesting side effect of burning these fuels simultaneously...

did you know that methane in your diesel acts as a scrubber? When the diesel ignition sets off the methane, the methane in turn burns that last 25% of unburnt diesel that typically blows out the tailpipe. So it produces more power, it is more efficient, it is cheaper and it is cleaner. BEAT THAT!

For more information on Natural Gas and Propane powered vehicles, you may want to check out these resources...

1. YOUR LOCAL RV DEALER. Thats right, America. Your RV dealer may be equipped to convert your gas or diesel rig to Propane (LPG) or Methane, compressed (CNG) or liquified (LNG). Hardware runs $2000, sometimes less. Installation is extra.

2. EBAY! You can also find conversion kits on eBay for everything--liquified LNG/LPG direct fuel injection, normally aspirated bonnet systems (carbureted or throttle-body equivalent), and Diesel bleed kits. And you can find torroidal pressure bottles (doughnut-shaped fuel tanks) that look like and will fill the space your spare tire occupies, because you are never really going to use that anyway...

3. The Pickens Plan. T. Boone Pickens has some very interesting information on Natural Gas and resources on his site--TAKE A LOOK!

4. Aubry McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy, is supporting the Pickens Plan (Naturally!) and has some very useful information on his site.

5. CNG NOW has all sorts of information on Nat Gas vehicles, engines, conversions, government programs. Check out their Methane Powered Motorcycle!! Very cool.

6. NGV America....more technical and financial data

Glen Sorensen wrote on December 7, 2009 at 2:06pm
More Links on using Nat Gas in vehicles:

wikipedia offering:

Matt Nolan (Lyndon Institute)

But we can skip that step. We can skip over natural gas and move straight to green energy. Our government isn't making it that easy right now, but that's what we need to do. The conservative politicians will say were being green, if we use natural gas, but we aren't. We need to put huge amounts of our money and time into hydro, solar, and all other green technologies. I know it all sounds good, like Nuclear energy, but we need to RADICALLY change our way of using energy.

Marvin Pirila

Moving over completely will take time for the auto industry. To go electric they need to develop batteries that last longer between recharging. You're right, natural gas isn't green, but it does burn a lot cleaner than gas does now at the pump. Natural gas also has natural alternatives. The future solution is electric for cars. For the sake of all Americans we need to break our dependence on foreign oil as quickly as possible.

As far as houses go, the technology is already there. Right now, the solar thermal/electric panel all-in-one is in the prototype stage (working and going into test sites). There are also solar windows being produced with a five year backlog. Everything but cars have an immediate solution, but some of them are currently too costly for the average consumer.