Friday, March 23, 2012

Global Warming Hoax

Is there really a shortage of oil and natural gas, or is this just hidden from the public because of political agendas? Are the ice caps really melting, polar bears disappearing, and the earth warming because of manmade CO2 emissions?

Kyota Agreement

According to Piers Corbyn, the founder of the Weather Action Foundation, “carbon dioxide is controlled by world temperatures rather than the other way around.” Corbyn states that solar activity, not carbon dioxide, is behind climate change. He again stated, “Carbon dioxide has zero effect, I repeat: zero effect, no effect whatsoever.” Corbyn says that solar activity, not carbon dioxide, is behind climate change.

“I don’t believe in man-made climate change because there is no evidence for it. In fact, carbon dioxide is controlled by world temperatures rather than the other way around,” he told RT. “Climate change is going on, and the key aspects of the big, very extreme events that happened in the last 18 months were predicted by us, the Weather Action, using solar activity.

Canada pulled out of the 1997 anti-global warming Kyoto Protocol saying the treaty is not working.
Corbyn believes the Kyoto protocol is a semi-fraudulent scheme aimed at wasting public funds, which could otherwise have a better use.

“It is a complete waste of time. It’s a waste of public money. It’s a gravy train for so-called scientists looking into things that don’t exist, and, of course, for the governments to impose taxations, and oil companies to increase oil prices on the back of increasing energy prices – which is the thing demanded by the global warming’s nonsense lobby,” he explained.

“So, frankly, I’m glad that Canada has left the Kyoto Protocol process and I hope it heralds the collapse of the whole thing," Piers Corbyn concluded.

Piers Corbyn in interview with RT; Article: Carbon dioxide has zero effect on global warming, published December 14, 2011.

Noted science writer, Matt Ridley, explains in the Wall Street Journal how “the scientists’” climate models may be way off base because they are putting the cart before the horse. From “When Scientists Confuse Cause and Effect:”

“When in 1999 Antarctic ice cores revealed carbon-dioxide concentrations and temperature marching in lockstep over 400,000 years, many—including me— found this a convincing argument for attributing past climate change to carbon dioxide. (About 95% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is natural, coming from the exhalations of living things. In the past, carbon-dioxide levels rose as the earth warmed at the end of ice ages and fell as it cooled at the end of interglacial periods.)

Then four years later came clear evidence from finer-grained analysis of ice cores that temperature changes preceded carbon-dioxide changes by at least 800 years. Effects cannot precede their causes by eight centuries, so temperatures must drive carbon dioxide, chiefly by warming the sea and causing carbon dioxide dissolved in water to “out-gas” into the air.”

The Arctic Ice Returns?

After just recently watching yet another large glacier break off and nearly kill three people who were paddling nearby, I thought the glaciers were all but a thing of the past. The media shows one chunk after another falling, while making claims of global warming, rising seas, and impending doom.
Meteorologist Mark Johnson reported the story:

“Good news from the Arctic. Sea ice extent (area covered by ice) is at a seven-year high. It’s nearly back to within one standard deviation of the 30 year normal at 14.25 million square kilometers. This year’s ice extent is the highest since 2006 at this point in the year. Temperatures in the arctic remain well below freezing and should remain there through March. So, more ice should be added in the next few weeks. We are nearing the peak of sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere…I bet you didn’t expect to hear that, especially after the record melt a few years ago. Back in 2007, sea ice extent dropped to its lowest point in the satellite history. Since then, arctic ice extent has increased.

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  1. Governments are selling green energy as the fix all to all of our energy needs. People that want green will buy it whether it is subsidized or not, because it fills a desire of theirs. The mainstream media misses the point that shale plays of oil and natural gas will change everything in favor of staying the course with fossil fuels.

    Global warming is a hoax being used to sway the masses to alternative energies. Studies show that the global temperatures have actually declined in the last 10 years, the ice has returned to its greatest level since it started being recorded (about 30 years), and history has shown that temperature has preceded higher carbon rates. Why? The ocean is a large heat sink that releases greater amounts of carbon in warmer periods.

    Experts are suggesting that all of the world's efforts to curb carbon will do nothing more than change levels by very small fractions of a percent. These efforts will lead to no measurable difference whatsoever. In fact, Canada pulled out of the Kyota agreement because they called it a hoax.

    We are being misled into believing that we are destroying the planet via carbon, when there simply is no proof to support this claim.

    The Chevy Volt will never succeed because lithium gets very hot and unstable. This is a government subsidized train wreck, just like ethanol. Quit all subsidies and let all products compete in the free market. If they weren't propped up by subsidies and government/media propagana, the right course of energy use would be taken.