The Uses for Wood You Would Never Have Dreamed Of - By InventWood TM

  The Uses for Wood You Would Never Have Dreamed Of By Marvin Pirila InventWood TM   is perhaps the most exciting early-stage company in existence today.    They specialize in finding new applications for wood.    The new ways it can be used is simply revolutionary. One product is  MettleWood  TM .    This is wood that has been condensed to make it extremely strong and tough.    It is light-weight, moisture resistant, and can be shaped.    It may be less expensive in time while also being sustainable and biodegradable. A second product is  Insulating Wood . InventWood TM  boasts that their product is a great thermal insulator and insulates against sudden shocks or force.  It may also be shaped according to needs and maybe be less expensive over time.  Like MettleWood, it is sustainable and biodegradable. Picture from InventWood TM   The third product is  Transparent Wood . Yes, that’s transparent wood.  This product will likely be the next windows.  As it sounds, it is clear, can chann

Alternative Energy Financial Incentives - Minnesota And Federal

Alternative Energy  F inancial Incentives  (Federal Solar Tax Credit)  (Depreciation Information, Publication 551, page 5)  (Are state/utility rebates taxable income? -- Form 525, page 28)  (Great River Energy Solar Electric Rebate Program)  (Minnesota Power Solar Electric Rebate Program, 800-228-4966, ext. 2843)  (Minnesota Solar Electric Rebate Program)  (Renewable Energy Incentives Database)  (Homepower Magazine)  (Minnesota Renewable Energy Society)  (Minnesota Solar Dealer Yellow Pages, (651) 296-5175)  (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC))

Climate Change Has Opposing Opinions

  Science has differing opinions like everyone else.  Be alarmed when someone says "follow the science" but doesn't account for the opposing position. Carbon dioxide has zero effect on global warming AOC has a silly climate plan _ Greenpeace Co-Founder Climate Change Fears of Teen Activity are Baseless Climate Gate Scandal in Review Ex-NASA Employees Speak Out on Global Warming Global Warming Alarmism When Science is Fiction Global Warming Petition Project Peer Reviewed Papers Skeptical of Climate Change Top 10 Myths on Carbon Dioxide & Global Warming The Truth about Global Warming from an Expert The Broad Spectrum of Views on Global Warming... The Truth About Global Warming Global Warming Petition Project   - Thousands of Scientists Dismiss Global Warming Claims

The Argument To Defund The Department Of Energy

  The Government is Overstepping and Picking Winners and Losers   Current funding p rovides $29.5 billion, a 12 percent increase over the 2010 enacted level.  This reflects increases for priority areas such as clean energy, nuclear security, and research and development.  Savings are achieved through cuts to inefficient fossil energy programs.  [This 12% increase if further encroachment on the free market system.  Clean energy, as well as research and development, should be left to the private sector, not the federal government.  Secondly, nuclear security should fall under the Department of Defense outlays.  Third, fossil energy, while not popular with some, is still maintains the highest efficiency of all fuels.  If it were not, alternative, clean energies would already be in place.]   Doubles the number of Energy Innovation Hubs, adding three areas of research to focus on critical materials including rare earth materials, battery and energy storage, and new grid technologies and sy

The Freshwater Solution And Its Benefits

Every second more freshwater water is dumped into the ocean, only to see companies desalinating salt water so there's enough to drink.  The answer is a lot cheaper... For decades, we have heard how freshwater resources are limited and are leading to a shortage of drinking water, desertification, and economic catastrophe.  As the world grows in population, it cannot afford to lose freshwater aquifers and lands to desertification.  The plans thus far have gone little beyond the costly route of desalination.  The answer is simple, but it takes infrastructure -- and fortunately, this investment would more than pay for itself in benefits. The answer is to recapture freshwater before it discharges into the ocean and becomes expensive to desalinate.  This water could be captured before it began to mix with ocean water and pipe it back to where it is needed -- such as low aquifers and lower moisture areas.   The Rio Grande, Colorado, and Columbia Rivers all discharge freshwater into the oc

Soudan Mine - A Tremendous Untapped Source Of Energy?

Soudan MN Mine Opportunity  The Soudan MN community has a tremendous opportunity to utilize the Soudan mine for producing heat and electricity.  The mines’ close proximity to the town, coupled with its geothermal capabilities, offer promising heating and air conditioning resources. A study by Maria B. Diaz and Rafael Rodriguez concludes that geothermal energy may be created by converting mine shafts into geothermal boilers.  Reference:  Rafael Rodriguez, Maria B. Diaz.  “Analysis of the utilization of mine galleries as geothermal heat exchangers by means a semi-empirical prediction method.”  Renewable Energy 34 (7):  1716, 2009. While research is being done in abandoned coalmines, many of which are flooded, no one is currently looking at the tremendous opportunity of the Soudan mine.  I first recommended a look at the mine for energy purposes on October 2, 2009 to representatives, the IRRRB, and mine staffers.  The IRRRB said staffers of the mine, owned, operated, and managed by the DN